Bully Blocking at Work: A Self-Help Guide for Employees and Managers

Evelyn M. Field

Private practising psychologist, Melbourne

No one goes to work to be humiliated, abused, ostracised, subjected to rumours, or assaulted. Yet this is the reality of a working day for more than one in six workers. Bullying causes billions of dollars in lost productivity, expensive mistakes, employee replacement costs, and health and welfare rehabilitation expenses. Most workplaces currently have few resources and systems to deal with the problem, leaving the victims to sink or swim, and the bullies to remain professionally incompetent. Few understand that bullying is not tough management or an aggressive personality trait to be suffered. Severe and unremitting bullying catapults the victim into such a damaging emotional state that it can lead to the breakdown of their very survival mechanisms. Bully Blocking at Work reveals for the first time the true evil nature of workplace bullying, helping the reader to understand its toxic, destructive impact on all employees - whether they are targets, bullies or onlookers - and provides advice for coping and confronting bullying, from both a personal and organisational perspective. The author has worked as a psychologist for over thirty years and has spent many hours listening to clients, conducting interviews, reading, speaking and writing about workplace bullying. Sprinkled liberally throughout the pages are quotes from the many sufferers of bullying that the author has personally worked with over many years.

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About the Author

Evelyn Field is a practising psychologist, professional speaker, media commentator and author with extensive clinical and personal experience in dealing with the trauma of loss and abuse. She has been helping workplace bullying victims for over 30 years as well as training and writing about both workplace and school bullying. She regularly presents at international conferences and workshops. Her previous books on school bullying, 'Bully Busting' and 'Bully Blocking' are both bestsellers, and now published in five languages. Evelyn lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Australia's leading expert in bullying behaviour has combined years of clinical experience with meticulous research, to create an indispensable compendium on workplace bullying. - Michael Carr-Gregg, Psychologist

Evelyn Field's masterful analysis of the ways we can help employees cope with and overcome workplace bullying and harassment is a must read for all concerned about how to right this wrong. - Dr Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University and author of The Lucifer Effect, Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who is experiencing bullying or trying to manage a bully at work. - Hadyn Olsen. Bullying Consultant.

Kudos to bully expert Evelyn Field for this helpful book. Features many "I can use that today" techniques Read it and reap! - Sam Horn, author of Take the Bully by the Horns and Tongue Fu!® USA

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. What is workplace bullying?
  • Chapter 3. Understanding workplace bullying
  • Chapter 4. Conditions that encourage workplace bullying
  • Chapter 5. The Toxic effects of workplace bullying
  • Chapter 6. From target to survivor
  • Chapter 7. Activate your survival instinct
  • Chapter 8. Look after Yourself
  • Chapter 9. Bully blocking at work
  • Chapter 10. Beware the medico-legal hazards
  • Chapter 11. Action for organisations