The Anxiety Management Manual: A therapist guide for an effective 10-session CBT treatment program

Renée Mill

Anxiety Solutions CBT

Are you a busy health professional treating clients who suffer from anxiety or stress? The Anxiety Management Manual is designed for you. An easy to use manualised cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) treatment program with over 20 years of successful client outcomes, it delivers results. 

Renee Mill's Anxiety Solutions CBT 10-week program outlined in this manual benefits a wide range of clients, diagnoses and problems. The core of the program is a 4-step process that can help any person regardless of whether the symptoms of anxiety are mild, moderate or severe. It is effective if the anxiety presents alone or co-exists with other mental health conditions including depression, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Even clients who have never received a formal diagnosis, but feel stressed at times, will benefit from this program. 

It has been used successfully with students struggling with exam stress, sportsmen battling with performance anxiety and managers in business dealing with high levels of work stress. In addition, the tools and 4-step procedure are great for resilience building in the normal population.

Unlike many other CBT programs, this one is based on the premise that just learning about tools, or practising them once or twice, will have no positive effect on symptoms. Repeated guided practice over 90 days is what leads to real and lasting change through the development of new neural circuits. This program provides the wherewithal for your clients to rewire their brains.

The Anxiety Management Manual includes a complete copy of the program's accompanying client resource - The Anxiety Management Workbook to help you guide clients through numerous practical tools easily incorporated into daily living in a useful manner and taught in a way that the regular lay person can grasp quickly, easily and with success.

The benefits of using The Anxiety Management Manual in your practice include:

  • Easy to jump in right away and start using with clients. All you need to do is read the manual introduction then follow the weekly session content.
  • Increased retention rates with your clients as the structured content helps clients feel part of their therapeutic process, empowered with knowledge and more committed to therapy.
  • The ten-session format aligns perfectly with Australian Medicare rebates for approved therapy.
  • Can be run in a small group format to lower the cost for clients and value add to your practice via marketing your groups to GP’s, schools and businesses.

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What makes this anxiety treatment successful?
1. This treatment method teaches practical tools which are effective in lowering
and managing anxiety. The key word here is practical. The tools are not merely
concepts but can be incorporated into daily living in a useful manner.
2. The tools are easy to understand and are taught in a way that the regular lay
person can grasp quickly, easily and with success.
3. All your clients will find the tools, and the process, simple to learn and easy
to apply. Intellectual and conceptual abilities are not necessary for progress
to be made.
4. This treatment process has been formalised into this manual and accompanying
client workbook which is included as the Appendix to this manual — The Anxiety
Management Workbook. Therefore the treatment you offer will be no different
from the one I have successfully offered to hundreds of clients since 1995.
5. The Anxiety Management Workbook is not a text book about anxiety. It is simple,
practical and applicable to everyday life which your clients will appreciate. In
my experience, anxiety sufferers frequently become overwhelmed with the
amount of information offered on many sites. They also do not see the relevance
of the information to their unique problems. All they want is relief from their
symptoms as quickly as possible and this process offers that.
6. While there are many CBT tools out there, I have chosen those tools that have
proven to be the most helpful to my clients and synthesised them in a unique way.
7. This treatment package is based on the premise that just learning about tools,
or practising them once or twice, will have no positive effect on symptoms. Practising
the tools over 90 days is what leads to real and lasting change. Neuro-psychotherapy
has proven that it is rewiring the brain by developing new neural
circuits that leads to change. This program provides the wherewithal for your
clients to rewire their brains.
8. I attest that this methodology has a track record of success over many years,
with hundreds of diverse individuals. I am not a researcher in an ivory tower. I
am on the ground like you, working with real people every day and totally familiar
with the complexities of psychotherapy. I would like you to benefit from
my experience.
What are the advantages for me?
1. You can jump right in and begin immediately to work with your client. No
preparation is required. All you need to do is read this introduction then follow
the weekly session content provided to clients in The Anxiety Management Workbook
and repeated in this manual at the end of this Introduction.
2. The tools are provided in a ten session format. This aligns perfectly with the ten
sessions which attract a Medicare rebate in Australia.
3. The therapy is structured. I have found that clients today love structure and predictability.
In particular, the anxious-perfectionistic client thrives on the format.
4. Your clients will feel part of their therapeutic process which increases your success
rate. When clients feel empowered with knowledge, they are more likely to
take ownership for getting better.
5. You will have an increased retention rate with your clients. This is because clients
know what they are in for and it is a doable commitment — ten sessions. Often
clients baulk at the thought that their therapy could go on for months and even
years and this leads to them dropping out and feeling helpless.
6. Your clients will be more willing to commit to the fees because there is a known
cost which they can budget for. Endless sessions mean an open ended expense
which often results in dropouts.
7. You will experience less resistance from families because The Anxiety Management
Workbook enables them to understand the process. Clients can come home
with their manual and discuss the tools that they learned that day. Parents and
spouses no longer feel excluded from, or threatened by, the therapy process.
8. General Practitioners (GP) and specialist doctors respect the notion that this is
a prescribed process with tangible goals and results. They too can discuss the
therapy with your knowledgeable client.
9. You will come across as an expert to your clients and their doctors. You have a
plan and a proven process that brings results. This will increase the referrals you
will receive.
10. Clients are more likely to complete the ten sessions because they understand
the need to do so. You will find that there will be an excellent retention rate of
11. You can utilise the identical process with a group. Therefore you can utilise the
group session Medicare rebate too and lower costs for clients.
12. You can market your anxiety treatment groups to many different markets including
GPs, schools and businesses.

About the Author

Renee Mill has worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice for over 30 years and is the owner of stress and anxiety clinic Anxiety Solutions CBT, located in Sydney's eastern suburbs. She has successfully treated hundreds of individuals, couples and families, is a bestselling author and has appeared as an expert commentator on stress, anxiety and depression for the Today show, The Morning Show, ABC Radio,, BubHub and Essential Baby. Find out more about Renee at