Practical CBT: Using Functional Analysis and Standardised Homework in Everyday Therapy

Gary Bakker

Practising Clinical Psychologist

It is the clinician's task to take what they know works and to tailor it to the person seeking their help. Successfully "selling" this therapeutic model to the client relies on clearly explaining what is happening and reinforcing session achievements with effective change-directed homework. Practical CBT is designed for a range of mental health professionals who have a thorough grounding in cognitive-behaviour therapy and use it day-to-day in their practice.
The book provides explicit assessment-to-treatment  pathways with links to over 45 tried and tested ready-to-use homework scripts covering a range of common therapy issues including self-monitoring, self-esteem, decision making, depression, anxiety, sleep, and anger. The author is a highly experienced clinician with a firm adherence to the scientist-practitioner model and the use of evidence-based protocols.

About the Author

Gary Bakker is a clinical psychologist with 28 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in clinics, hospitals, community centres, and for 20 years in private practice. He trained in CBT when it was newly emerging as the evidence-based therapy of choice, receiving the Fiona Allen prize during his masters program. Gary has since given innumerable seminars and workshops on themes in CBT, all the while honing its presentation, clarity, and acceptability for his clients, resulting in the verbatim suggested scripts that comprise much of this book. He has bridged the gap between attention to the psychotherapy process and outcome research, and the demands of practical real-world therapy.