Personality and Individual Differences: Current Directions

Edited by Richard Hicks

Bond University

Interest and research in personality and individual differences, in why people behave the way they do and the implications for life and living, remain unabated around the world. Human beings are fascinating in how they are similar to one another and how they are different. The similarities and differences underpin many implicit and espoused theories of behaviour and of personal and professional practice, informing the decisions that we all make on what we will do and when. This book, with contributions from leading researchers, writers and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and further afield, is a snapshot of where we are currently. It demonstrates emphases on theoretical models and on clinical, forensic, organisational, crosscultural and cross-ideological research. The studies presented in this book range from examining the effects of the stars - the seasons and dates of birth - to the professional drivers of research that are related to efforts to make a difference for the wellbeing and survival of our world, whether as individuals or in groups at leisure and at work.

About the Author

Dr Hicks has published more than 180 articles, books, chapters, psychological tests, surveys, and classroom simulations and exercises. He has also presented numerous conference papers and posters. He has given special attention to validation of assessment and selection processes, and to the development of psychological and organisational surveys and questionnaires. He supervises students in a range of organisational, clinical, counselling, health and personality related areas.


This book is an excellent overview of current research in personality and individual differences, with research leaders from the Australasian region and internationally represented in its pages. It should become essential reading for those interested in the broad field of personality and its applications in different professional areas. Personality and Individual Differences is wide and deep, and is inspired by theoretical, clinical, forensic, organisational and (even!) moral problems and applications. The book could hold its own in any modern collection on personality and should be a valued source of ideas for both professional psychologists and students. - Professor Don Munro, University of Newcastle

An excellent selection of peer-reviewed papers from across personality and individual differences research