Prostate Cancer Survivorship

by on 16th March 2021
Despite positive developments, research shows that men and their doctors, and the nurses and allied health professionals who look after them, report the experience of prostate cancer as being challenging, medically focused, and uncoordinated.

The Lived Experience of Surviving Prostate Cancer

by on 29th October 2020
Being told you have prostate cancer is for most men, and those close to them, an experience they will never forget.

Why your kids aren't really that good at multitasking

by on 23rd January 2020
Research tells us two things: (1) you can’t really multitask; and (2) thinking you can might have negative consequences.

Flying saucers over Alice Springs

by on 17th December 2019
Led, fed and inculcated by U.S. journalists after World War Two, 1950s newspapers in the West reflected and generated readers’ anxieties about aliens and cold war paranoia.

What’s therapy really like … and what’s death got to do with it?

by on 28th November 2019
Read this book, whether you seek knowledge, comfort, guidance or challenge in your own life’s journey. You might discover the power of effective therapy and learn how thinking about death can bring you a better life.

Massey University Dean of Veterinary Sciences Jenny Weston reviews Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian

by on 27th August 2019
I strongly recommend that this book be readily available in clinics for all staff to browse. Many of the stressors will be experienced by anyone working in a clinic, and our veterinary nurses and receptionists often bear the brunt of grief and unrealistic

How one psychologist is tackling veterinary suicide on a global scale

by on 3rd July 2019
The suicide rate for veterinarians is almost four times higher than the general population, demanding immediate professional intervention on a broad scale. That’s why Nadine Hamilton turned her research into an easily accessible book.

The Freedom of Virtue

by on 1st May 2019
What makes a person, no matter their background, intelligence, or resilience, stand out from the crowd, to display excellence in the art of living?

Less anger, better mental health. (Oh, and the world might be a better place!)

by on 11th February 2019
Maybe, if we all tried our hardest to live without anger, the world would be a better place.

Promoting a healthy body image in children

by on 7th November 2018
Children listen to adults and their peers talking, including their appearance conversations both in the home and at school. ‘Fat Talk’ in particular, is quite common for people of all ages to engage in and can have a negative impact.