Courage in Adversity

by on 26th April 2018
Extract from Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life's Challenges

Adversity is exhausting. It uses up much of our emotional strength, leaving us overwhelmed by fear and unable to move forward. After all, we need to be safe and take care of ourselves if we are to survive in times of difficulty. Finding the courage to go forward when the futureis unknown and there are no guarantees is frightening.…

Why we shouldn’t get angry – even about injustice

by on 6th April 2018
Extract from The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering the Irrationality of the Angry Mindset

On a given day, your average man or woman will get angry once and annoyed several times. We say 'man or woman' by the way, because women get angry just as often as men, and just as intensely. They even get angry about very similar things, on the whole. The only gender differences that have ever been established over…

My 20-year journey to a successful adult anxiety treatment program

by on 20th December 2017
Extract from The Anxiety Management Manual

The Anxiety Management Manual represents a synthesis and consolidation of the clinical work I have carried out with people since 1974. My career began as an occupational therapist in Johannesburg, South Africa where I worked in hospitals with diverse medical conditions. I discovered that patients recovered well when they understood why we were…

30 publishing years young

by on 24th May 2017
This year Australian Academic Press turns 30, and as its proud founder, editor, and publisher I was very grateful to recently receive the George Robertson Award for over 30 years distinguished service to the Australian publishing profession.It's been a great ride and I hope to keep contributing through my personal time and through the work of my press for many years to come. But how exactly did I…