Perspectives on Teaching Singing: Australian Vocal Pedagogues Sing Their Stories

Edited by Dr Scott Harrison

Dr Scott Harrison

Griffith University

This volume draws together leading researchers and practitioners in voice pedagogy in Australia. The collection is designed to be an ongoing resource for singing teachers, and the publication is aligned with the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing. The book serves as a snapshot of work in the field, and encompasses voice science, studio pedagogy and the role of the performer-teacher. It transcends genre boundaries and includes chapters on opera, music theatre, choral music, jazz, worship singing and cabaret.

About the Author

Scott Harrison is a senior lecturer in music and music education and co-ordinates research higher degrees at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. A graduate of Queensland Conservatorium and the University of Queensland, Dr Harrison has experience in teaching singing and music in primary, secondary and tertiary environments. Performance interests and experience include opera and music theatre as both singer and musical director. His teaching areas focus on teacher education, research design and gender. His major research areas are music and wellbeing, vocal education, music teacher education and masculinities and music. In 2009, he published Masculinities and Music; and Male Voices: Stories of Boys Learning through Making Music. In 2010, Scott will co-edit (with Graham Welch) International Perspectives on Males and Singing for Springer International. Scott is the immediate past President of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing and co-editor of Australian Voice.

About the Editors

Dr Scott Harrison


This book represents a milestone in Australian studies of singing. It celebrates the work of an extensive, diverse yet expert group of researchers who share a passion for scholarly and professional engagement with the behaviour and development of singing. This is an important publication, not least because the multi-professional focus collectively provides a holistic view of why singing is a core and shared feature of our humanity. - Professor Graham Welch, Institute of Education University of London, President of International Society for Music Education

This volume is a milestone achievement in pedagogic literature. Its integration of art and science in teaching extends over an exceptionally broad range, speaking with equal authority to training for classical, music theatre, jazz, praise, and commercial music. Clearly, there is a thriving culture of pedagogic curiosity and excellence in Australia that can serve as a model for the rest of the world.
Professor Scott McCoy
President National Association of Teachers of Singing (United States)

Perspectives on Teaching Singing is a 'must-read' for voice pedagogues around the world. Its content transcends nationality by addressing universal subjects related to the study of singing. Editor Scott Harrison has most ably shepherded a diverse group of authors who literally and expertly cover the Bach to rock of our profession. The book helps us to see where we've been, where we are today, and where we might be in the future.
Robert Edwin
Associate Editor - NATS Journal of Singing

This is the first book to be published by ANATS. We are almost 25 years old and I congratulate those who have organized and authored this publication (Professor Janet Delpratt AM, Professor of Voice Griffith University)