Professional Practice in Crime Prevention and Security Management

Edited by Tim Prenzler

Griffith University

Crime prevention that works - the goal of much government and corporate policy - can be difficult to discover amongst obscure and tedious academic texts. Yet, now more than ever, we need sophisticated government and corporate crime prevention policies that produce results. 

This book of research, policy and practice provides a clear and up-to-date guide to what works and what constitutes best practice across a range of crime prevention and security management applications and issues. It also fills a gap in the literature in regard to the integration of environmentally-based crime prevention science and applied security work.

Aimed primarily at a practitioner audience, it is a concise and informative entré into the field and helps convey some of the main principles, methods and sources in crime prevention. Guidance on further secondary research is also provided. 

A must read for all crime prevention project managers, security managers, policy officers, students, and researchers.

About the Author

Tim Prenzler is Chief Investigator in the Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS) and manager of the centre's 'Integrity ­Systems' Project, as well as a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University, Brisbane. He has developed and taught courses in situational crime prevention, security management, criminal justice ethics, social justice and police studies.

About the Editors

Edited by Tim Prenzler

Table of Contents

  • About the authors
  • Preface

  • Part A: Effective Crime Prevention: From Theory to Practice

  • 1. Situational Crime Prevention: Theories, Impacts and Issues
  • Tim Prenzler and Eric Wilson

  • 2. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Mateja Mihinjac and Danielle Reynald

  • 3. Financial Costs and Benefits of Crime Prevention
  • Matthew Manning and Gabriel TW Wong

  • 4. Case Studies in Reducing Violent Crime and Disorder
  • Mateja Mihinjac and Danielle Reynald

  • 5. Case Studies in Reducing Property and Financial Crime
  • Tim Prenzler
  • Part B: Advanced Security Management

  • 6. Principles of Security Management: Applying the Lessons from Crime Prevention
  • Rick Draper and Jessica Ritchie

  • 7. Best Practice in Physical Security
  • Rick Draper & Jessica Ritchie

  • 8. People Management in Security
  • Jessica Ritchie and Rick Draper

  • Part C: The Security Industry and the New Professionalism

  • 9. The Security Industry: Dimensions and Issues
  • Tim Prenzler

  • 10. Legal Powers, Obligations and Immunities
  • Rick Sarre

  • 11. Conduct Issues in Security Work
  • Tim Prenzler

  • 12. Smart Regulation for the Security Industry
  • Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre