People Skills: Guiding You to Effective Interpersonal Behaviour

Bill Sultmann and Tony Burton

St. Francis Xavier Christian Brothers and Queensland University of Technology

Almost every profession these days requires that you possess "good people skills". But what are people skills and how can they be developed?

People Skills: Guiding you to effective interpersonal behaviour will equip you with the knowledge and skills to get more from your interpersonal relationships, whether they be of a personal or professional nature.

The book opens with an explanation of a basic model of interpersonal functioning in a contemporary context. In the chapters that follow, this model is applied to:

About the Author

Bill Sultmann is the newly appointed Executive Director (Edmund Rice Education) in Saint Francis Xavier Province of the Christian Brother. Before accepting this position, Bill was the Director of the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Toowoomba. A registered teacher and psychologist, Bill's professional experiences have included teaching (primary, secondary, tertiary), guidance consultancy and administrative roles in Catholic and government sectors. He holds Bachelor's degrees in arts and educational studies, master's degrees in educational psychology and Christian leadership, and a research doctorate in educational psychology. Bill has contributed to numerous texts, monographs and journals and his particular interests include educational psychology, interpersonal effectiveness, organisational development and Christian leadership within the Catholic tradition.
Tony Burton is the Director Development in the Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology. He is a registered psychologist and teacher, and coordinates and teaches counselling in the Faculty. He has worked as a psychologist, teacher and manager, and has consulted widely in the public and private sectors. He has presented numerous workshops about communication skills as they apply to both personal and organisational effectiveness and is coauthor of Building Personal Effectiveness. Tony's special interests include improving interpersonal and organisational communication to enhance positive outcomes.