Vulture Cultures: How to stop them ravaging your organisation's performance, people, profit and public image

Leanne Faraday-Brash

Vulture Cultures is a provocative and entertaining book that articulates, in vivid detail, the tell-tale signs and symptoms of destructive workplaces. From the incompetent to the incomprehensible, the disruptive to the dastardly, this book will explain how bad behaviour gains a foothold and what perpetuates it against all good common sense. The book provides both high-level strategies and readily applicable tips for the CEO and the change leader as well as the vulnerable and the victimised. Vulture Cultures does not dwell on the sociopath or the employee with a personality disorder. In truth, for all the sensationalist hype that surrounds them, they account for a very small percentage of the workforce population. All the characters, cultures and case studies are 100% real and based on Leanne's 20-year history consulting. After you have read this book you will never look at your organisation in the same light again!

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About the Author

Leanne Faraday-Brash is an Organisational Psychologist, speaker, executive coach and facilitator with two decades of experience in organisational capability and culture, equal opportunity, conflict resolution, change, leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience. She has presented in Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East and across Australia and has appeared on radio and television. Her expert commentary and opinion pieces are regularly sought for broadsheet and online publications. Leanne lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Fred and their four children.



The case for decency

Leanne Faraday-Brash; Australian Academic Press, 196pp.
One of the collective nouns for a group of vultures is a committee, an affront to a useful bird rarely motivated by malice. But Faraday-Brash is less interested in describing crook cultures than in individuals and situations. The strength of her approach is in using examples that are easily identifiable. She rejects the argument that sociopaths are everywhere, making working life a misery. Only one in 100 men and one in 200 women are congenitally cruel, she suggests. That's good, because the amoral ambitious are not that numerous, but also very bad in that ordinary people in positions with formal and informal power do dreadful things to their colleagues. Faraday-Brash sets out how to recognise bullies and defeat them. In essence, this is a book that makes a case for decency, but also shows how often people need guidance to behave as they should.

Leanne takes a subject that is confronting and challenging to most and makes it understandable and manageable. Avoiding jargon while balancing theory with plenty of examples to which readers at all levels of experience can relate, Vulture Cultures makes the topic of organisational culture accessible to anyone. I highly recommend this book!
Mark Stoermer, Director Corporate Services, City of Melbourne

I love this book. Leanne is a gifted writer and the knowledge and the stories she shares are so powerful. A must read for every leader who wants to shape a better culture.
Dimitra Manis, Senior Vice President, Global Head of People, Thomson Reuters

This is an outstanding contribution to the solution of an age old problem; the effects of bullying and bad leadership in the workplace. It is not difficult to recognise many of the characters that Leanne portrays but what is often forgotten is the extreme detrimental effect they have on the organisations with which they are involved and not uncommonly lead.
Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC, Former Chief Justice, Chair of the National Centre Against Bullying