Promoting a healthy body image in children

by on 7th November 2018
Children listen to adults and their peers talking, including their appearance conversations both in the home and at school. ‘Fat Talk’ in particular, is quite common for people of all ages to engage in and can have a negative impact.

$98million for child mental health and we still miss the obvious.

by on 2nd November 2018
Why do we keep treating evidence-based treatment programs for child anxiety disorder the same as educational and health promotion programs?

Definitely not another pop psychology book

by on 26th October 2018
The kind of book I love to publish. Well written by Australian psychologists who know their stuff and believe that the way forward for us all is more application of psychology to everyday life and less frothy pop advice.

Early intervention and prevention in mental health … are we there yet?

by on 24th October 2018
It is time that Australian government at all levels show the leadership strength to commit to backing the skills of this country’s psychologists and look toward assisting the widest implementation of interventions for early intervention and prevention.

Primary schools could be key to reducing youth suicide

by on 20th October 2018
Australia’s primary schools need access to specific evidence-based interventions that are designed for the treatment of childhood anxiety disorder and adapted for use in schools by qualified onsite staff.

Dying Young and the Psychology of Leaving a Legacy

by on 16th August 2018
It is a confronting task for anyone to take the relatively abstract idea of conceptualising the world without them present in it. This does not change for young people and, in some ways, it is even more challenging due to their pervasive sense of self.

Courage in Adversity

by on 26th April 2018
Extract from Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life's Challenges

Adversity is exhausting. It uses up much of our emotional strength, leaving us overwhelmed by fear and unable to move forward. After all, we need to be safe and take care of ourselves if we are to survive in times of difficulty. Finding the courage to go forward when the
futureis unknown and there are no guarantees is frightening. To do so involves a deliberate and courageous choice on our part. We venture forward...

Why we shouldn’t get angry – even about injustice

by on 6th April 2018
Extract from The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering the Irrationality of the Angry Mindset

On a given day, your average man or woman will get angry once and annoyed several times. We say ‘man or woman’ by the way, because women get angry just as often as men, and just as intensely. They even get angry about very similar things, on the whole. The only gender differences that have ever been established over many studies and surveys are that in the heat of anger men are more violent, and women cry...